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FAQ - Singapore Massage Service - Kang Jia 康家

Frequently Asked Massage Questions (FAQ)

Customers who are considering for a body massage or foot reflexology session generally have some questions, many of which can be addressed on a general basis. Some questions, however, are quite frequently asked that we feel it is worthy of addressing them on our site. Below are some frequently asked questions that our customers ask often.


What are the benefits of having a massage?

Massage is a powerful and useful treatment for reducing pain, stress and strain on the muscle. Studies have shown that massage may be useful for

– Headaches

– Anxiety

– Bad body posture

– Myofascial pain syndrome

– Relieving Stress

– Reduce pain and back aches

Despite its benefits, massage does not mean as a replacement for medical care. Do let your doctor know if needed and be sure to follow any standard treatment plans if necessary.


How often should I go for a massage treatment session?

This usually depends on each different individual. Once every week or two is ideal of maintaining healthy muscle tissue and keep them in good shape if you can afford it. When it occurs that you are in chronic pain or have any special condition to address, you might choose to come weekly or two times a week till you feel better.


What are my payment options?

We accept cash and NETs payment only. Payment are usually made after the end of the massage session.


Where are the other outlets Kang Jia have?

Currently we have a few branches located around Singapore. Check they out at contact us to know where is the nearest outlet from your location.


I feel pain and aches on certain areas while having foot reflexology, what does it shows?
Does it mean to say that I have certain health issue in areas where it hurts?

It is completely normal to experience slight or bearable pain when having a foot massage. Pressure, reflex points of the foot reflects on the body, experiencing pain does not mean you have any health issue but it serves as a sign to take note of for better health.


Is it alright for me to take a bath right after a body massage?

Taking a bath after a massage session is good provided it is a hot warm bath as it can relax the muscles by enhancing blood flow. Giving you a very refreshing feeling. Avoid cold bath after massage and best is to bath 2 hours after the session.


What should I wear for the massage session?

You can wear what you like as long as you feel comfortable. The most important is to make yourself feel completely comfortable and relaxed to enjoy a revitalising and soothing session.