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Massage Singapore - Best Traditional Therapeutic Services

Kang Jia Massage Singapore

Welcome to the official massage website of Kang Jia. Our services,  Kang Jia Massage Spa Center is located around different areas of Singapore. Our different branches also provide other packages for foot reflexology and body treatment. For more information about our massage services, do browse around our site and we hope you have a pleasant moment with us.


Massage is a relaxing and wonderful therapy for your tired body, stressed nerves and the never resting senses and mind. The most ideal method to energise and revitalise the body. We do our best to offer you with a pleasure-evoking session by our skilled masseurs. Only masseurs with extensive training and significant long year of experience can they help you relieve the tension and heal the aches and pain.


Whole Body Massage


It promotes flexibility, improve blood circulation and re-energizes the mind and body connection.
Most importantly, it can help promote significant relief from stress. It depends on your preference, our masseur can apply gentle, moderate or deep pressure.

[60 Mins] SGD $46

[90 Mins] SGD $59

Back Massage


In particular with back pain relief, we use different massage technique that helps to reduce soreness that can soothe the tired back muscles.
Our massage works are a level that aids better blow flow and oxygen to the tense muscle, it also relaxes the body and releases endorphins that makes one feel great and reduce back pain.

[45 Mins] SGD $34

Shoulder Massage


A combination of strokes and pressure techniques that are applied to the shoulder and neck areas to enhance the flow of blood in the body.
The goal of a shoulder massage is to realign the body so that it can release the tension and allowing the body to function better.

[25 Mins] SGD $23

Foot Flexology


Using unique finger and thumb techniques on the hands and feet.
Foot Reflexologists believe that these different areas of the feet contain “reflex points” or directly connecting to specific organs and structures through the body.

[40 Mins] SGD $23

[60 Mins] SGD $34

Price differs slightly in different branches*

Popular Services

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Testimonials from Kangjia’s valued customers:

Massage Spa Center

Kang Jia Massage Singapore started since 2001, from a small humble outlet we have been providing unique Chinese traditional foot reflexology and body massage for our customers till date. We provide a range of services such as foot reflexology, shoulder, back and whole body massage. Other free services that comes with the massage above 45mins includes cupping and scraping.

Stay tune for any updates, visit our outlets to feel the healing in the body and see the difference today!

Realistic Expectations

This is very often the first question that comes to mind for anyone who is considering massage treatment. With the advent of vast knowledge and constant effort by our staff, the answer gets closer. Feel a moment of bliss and leave a memorable experience with us.

We cannot stress enough about how important it is that a customer have realistic expectations about the result of having massage. While massage can significantly improve our health, it won’t completely change your life. Going for a massage session is not a cure-all but it truly helps!  It enhance better health while relief stress and tension in our tiring body. Those who visit our outlet with a positive, healthy attitude with a reasonable understanding of what a body massage or foot reflexology can accomplish are generally quite pleased and happy with the session.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Massage?

The most suitable candidates for massage are those that experience sharp unbearable pain and feeling aches and tension over the body. We carefully work on the different parts of the body and along the session we can feel and notice areas that stiff that needs more massage to ease the tension and pain.

The best candidates for massage have realistic expectation about what massage can accomplish. When customers visit our outlet for a massage session with our experience masseur, they are well informed on the type of services that suits them most. Our masseurs are certified with Diploma in Holistic massage with rich amount of experience to ensure that we can provide you with an unforgettable experience.

If you are considering for a better health through a traditional way at a reasonable price today, check out our contact us page and give us a call at the nearest convenient outlet to book an appointment or find out more.