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SG50 Full Body Massage - KangJia Massage Singapore

Whole Body Massage ( 60mins – $46  |  90mins – $59) 

A full body massage is the most significant massages in the world of spa. The session includes your neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, feet and hands. There are many benefits of a massage therapy and it helps our body in many ways. Relaxing the muscle which leads to decrease in our nerve tension, helps relieve pain and improve function. It also increase blood circulation which promotes the delivery of oxygen and also aids in the removal of waste products from the body. Relieve your stress by going for a massage today because stress is one main factor normally neglected

(*FREE cupping and scraping AVAILABLE)


Shoulder Massage ( 25mins – $23 )

Shoulder pain is so often experienced that almost everyone thinks it’s a necessary burden. At times you may feel some limps giving way under pressure on your shoulders, which means that the muscle and tissue adhesions causing your pains are breaking up. A good shoulder massage actually improves the level of oxygen in your blood, leading to a decrease of toxin in the muscle and therefore improve circulation.


Back Massage ( 45mins – $34 ) 

A good back massage helps relieve lower back pain and aches. Focusing on just the back, it improves and greatly helps you overcome your bad backache and tension on the back. Feeling backaches or even experiencing sharp unbearable pain coming from your body? These are obvious signs that you need to spend more time to take care of your body.

(*FREE cupping and scraping AVAILABLE)


Foot Reflexology ( 40mins -$23  |  60mins – $34 )

Foot reflexology is a session of an applied pressure therapy on the feet that involves stipulating reflex points. These foot reflex points are connecting to specific different areas of the body that can produce therapeutic benefit. After a good session of foot massage, you feel light on your legs and reduce in aches and sore on the legs. Enjoy and indulge a soothing foot massage today.

[60mins – $34] (INCLUSIVE of 10mins shoulder)





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